Monday, April 13, 2009

Nur's Kitchen

During the past week I have been a bit remiss in delivering, straight to your screen, delicious options in take -out . So let us take a moment and flash back to Nur's Kitchen. Now that I can relax in the passengers seat and describe for you the delight that came with each bite of this meal I will. Nur's Kitchen is in Covington ,Louisiana.
In an old house ,set right off w. 21st street, culinary magic occurs at the finger tips of a delightful husband and wife team. Billed as Old World Mediterranean dishes, it is all that is fine in food. Healthy ingredients such as Spinach, artichoke hearts ,basil, olive oil, onions, black pepper and feta are stuffed generously into whole wheat or white tortillas ,wrapped and baked to create a perfect hand held pie. After tasting one of these glorious creations, one will have to display intense will power, as you may be tempted to consume thirteen of these a day. However, one will make a perfect and heart healthy lunch. At four dollars a piece these are a steal.

The navy bean salad and humus are perfect for dressing any self respecting whole grain pita. At four and six dollars each your pita can brag it's attire is a bargain.

Now ,to address the Pesto. I make this freesh sauce myself in large quantities when the garden 'runneth' over with basil and frankly , I thought I had the corner on the market as far as superior taste goes, but once again Nur's pulls through with a perfect pesto, good enough to make any one return repeatedly to supply their addiction for basil. ( yes I am a basil junkie! Six children later it could be worse, so don't judge.) Basil is known for it's healing properties and particularly for it's role as an anti-depressant. In other words Nur's pesto is bound to make you break out into song.

There is a variety of dishes to choose from, whether you crave an organic salad or Lamb sish Sandwich. You will not be disappointed. Side dishes are consistent with the health conscience theme and are as follows, A baked sweet potato, small house salad or Brown rice. daily specials are served with brown rice and a salad or whole wheat pita with a salad for $8.00. The only downside here is that you can only go in a pick-up these items Tuesday through Friday from 11:00-6:00. If you can't bear the thought of being three days with-out...They are at the Covington Farmers Market on Saturday morning. However, a word to the wise, get there early as by ten o'clock last Saturday they where sold out of pies and there were a number of people asking for them. Thank you to Nur's for being so friendly and I highly recommend that you find a boat ( totally possible in my neck of the woods), a car or any other mode of transportation and find your way to Nur's kitchen you will definitely thank me for this find!

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