Monday, March 23, 2009

Perfect Peace

You will keep him in perfect peace,

Whose mind is stayed on You,

Because he trusts in You.

Isaiah 26:3

A promise to cling to in the tumultuous seas of life ,by the author of the same.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Sake Cafe

Yesterday was a girl luncheon. Just Myself and My three youngest girls spent the day looking for running shoes and dining together at a fabulous Japanese cafe , called The Sake Cafe. We were looking for adventure and living on the wild side. If your 12, 7 and almost two lunching on Japanese cuisine instead of wholegrain peanut butter and honey is the height of adventure and it don't get any wilder than this. So in we went and were quickly seated at a lovely table where we could see the Sushi chefs at work and ooh and aah at the fabulous changing colored lights in the bubbling water wall. We ordered three dishes to share on this epicurean safari. First was a lunch plate which included our choice of two different sushi rolls ( we chose vegetarian and tuna avocado, mmmmm!) then came another lunch plate of pineapple fried rice, sauteed with asparagus tips, broccoli, carrots and various other veggies, for the third and final sampling came a plate of vegetable yaki udon, the most delightful fat Japanese noodles coated in a lemon sauce with delicious shitake mushrooms and again freshly cut and sauteed vegetables. Each luncheon order came with our choice of soup or salad and we all chose salad. The salad was simply butter lettuce and wild greens coated in a ginger dressing. Simply delightful! My six year old informed me no uncertain terms that she was having nothing to do with any raw fish as she munched happily on her tuna avocado roll dipped in soy sauce and dangling precariously from her chopsticks. At her sisters insistence that she was eating fish now, she glared indignantly and paused in her chewing long enough to announce that she was eating tuna not raw fish and after a shake from my head her older sister winked at me at went to work on her veggie roll. I sighed, crisis averted. I turned to look at the two year old ,who was being surprisingly quiet for a moment , just in time to catcher her teetering on the edge of the high chair her shirt half off and a small plate perched on her head, she smiled sweetly at me. This was not exactly as I had envisioned this lunch going, but in all fairness I hadn't really envisioned this far into the thing either. After re strapping Houdini baby, redressing her and removing the ( you guessed it) sticky plate from her head we all partook of the pineapple rice. Hands down fantastic! It was devoured quickly with many raves as we giggled and re strapped baby. Finally, the Yaki Udon arrived and oh, My! Until this moment I hadn't known I was missing Yaki Udon, but alas, the wasted years. After re-strapping baby, we all gingerly twirled fat noodles with our chopsticks (no easy task) and managed to consume every morsel on our plates. In the mean time our waiter was as patient as a saint and obviously unfazed by babies as he brought new cups and plates ,with out my ever having to ask, whenever one became mysteriously unusable. Truly this Dining adventure was a culinary delight for all involved from 2 to well never mind. I hope you will make some delicious memories of your own at this restaurant! It was a raving success!

The Sake Cafe

101 Northpark Boulevard

Covington, La 70433

phone # 985-809-6689