Sunday, April 19, 2009

Acapulco and the redemption of Kansas...

As some of you are aware the past week has been spent traveling to the beautiful coast of California. In Kansas we hit an unexpected glitch when the interstate became a toll road with no warning and in order to get off anywhere apparently one had to pay. While this is probably a brilliant move for the state of Kansas, After all someone has to pay for all those devastating natural disasters, This was not our favorite idea and had we known, we would have avoided the state altogether. The good news is, Kansas made driving though Texas seem appealing...Chalk one up for the Lone Star State! On the other hand having already resigned to pay, We wound around and down into the midst of a small town called Newton. Where one sign on the incoming road said ,'local traffic only', as that sign was obviously not intended for us we pressed on and arrived at our lunch destination which was a fabulous little family owned establishment called Acapulco. In business for the past twenty years in this sleepy little town, they are a hidden treasure in the heart of Kansas. I know some of you are at this point rolling you eyes having been geared up to hear tales of Kansas barbecue and the like, but truly this was a perfect find. With delicious fresh salsa and a lunch buffet the was freshly cooked from scratch finding healthy options was a breeze. For $5.99 the same price you would pay for two tacos, you could get the buffet lunch which was filled with homemade re fried beans, fried and steamed tortillas, freshly chopped salad, hand rolled tamales filled with chunks of roasted beef, enchiladas, rice and taco fillings. steamed corn tortillas filled with re fried beans, salad, a sprinkling of fresh grated cheese all drowned in fresh spicy salsa was delicious, satisfying and not altogether an unhealthy choice. Others in our party had the enchiladas which got rave reviews and the tamale which I had to try was fresh tasting and delightful filled with flavorful chunks of slow roasted beef. Despite the rocky beginning to our relationship, Kansas had redeemed herself as we walked out of that restaurant with giant satisfied grins on our faces...until the speeding ticket, but that is another story altogether.

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