Thursday, May 28, 2009

stepping off the merry-go-round

If until recently you have had the good fortune to live on a tropical island, on which grew groves of mangoes, pineapples and coconuts? Where wild rice flourished and streams of naturally alkalized water flowed freely; or you spent your youth in a remote village in the deepest darkest Peru. Eating indigenous foods and swinging happily from trees on lush vines. Than perhaps this article is not for you.
For all the rest of us, do stop looking longingly back at the previous sentences. Most of us grew up in a civilized society where we did not have to forage for our food and unfortunately because of it we have no connection to our food and very little understanding of our body’s relationship to it. For most of us who slept through health class and showed up to biology only to be able to reconstruct a chicken carcass, we are all a bit surprised when our bodies appear to be rebelling against us and one day we wake up with the sure knowledge that something is definitely not right.
The first indication may have been the ten or twenty pounds that had begun following us around no matter how persistently we attempted to out run or ditch it. Some how it always knew where to find us. Maybe for you it was fatigue that required 18 shots of espresso and two or three cans of red bull to drag you through the day. For some it may have been the familial relationship you felt with every jar of antacids you encountered. At some point you began to realize that you where not the same old you.
The old you was spry and full of hope for the future. The new and not so improved you has no spring in the step and nasty little lines around the mouth. Clearly something has gone awry in your carefully laid plans. Well, my friend, to put it simply, Life has happened.
Now, stop that weeping! I know that until now you felt alone amongst the billions of other consumers in line with their own mugs at starbucks all waiting for a fix. You tried to hide the lines beneath a $120.00 line preventing and repairing foundation made from ingredients that you assumed where real, despite your inability to pronounce any of them. Well, the convenient truth is you are not alone. You are however in luck. It would seem that if you have been drawn to read this far, that you are more than ready to step off the merry-go-round and enter the looking glass. There is hope for change, but as the saying goes, change begins with you.
Do you remember that peanut butter and jelly sandwich on lovely fluffy white bread that you ate every other day for lunch in your formative years? Maybe you recall the hamburger and fries you had for lunch yesterday? Please, don’t make excuses, we’ve all been there. A soda in one hand and a protein bar in the other, trying desperately to satisfy some unknown balance that will achieve the glorious end of…well we are not sure what the glorious end is, but that is completely besides the point.
I say together we must pursue a new route. a more conscience route. It is high time we take responsibility for our health and well being and stand up to the unseen forces of nutritional darkness and say, we are not going to take it anymore! Right after this last triple shot mocha latte.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The whino gets older!

I am just going to start with the apology right up front as I know one is definitely warranted. I have been absent and therefore silent for way to long. Some of you may not think that statement quite true...but, this blog is not for you anyway. I spent the past weekend with the wino celebrating her----th birthday. You didn't really think I would tell you her true age did you. Of course not, as that would reveal mine and due to the fact that I am older we will be having none of that. Needless to say we have had a wonderful time drawing out her distinguished day and stretching it to fit properly over an entire three days. Good news we where successful! We may be slightly sun burned and sandy ( We are in Southern California after all) and some of us may be ready for a good nap. ( Not me) Otherwise we are no worse for the wear. During this festive time we were able to spend much time laughing, sometime eating ( hardly a surprise there.) and the whole time enjoying ourselves. Since this is the first time in a year we have been together in person with our father and his lovely wife and our darling grandparents this was more than just a birthday celebration. Saturday night was spent completely immersed in the intimate fellowship that comes with a life time of memories and love. Also, being celebrated this weekend was the 65 th wedding anniversary of our dear grandparents. Truly this was a beautiful weekend that I personally will remember for a very long time to come. Thank you wino for getting older...someone had to do it and it just wasn't going to be me!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Acapulco and the redemption of Kansas...

As some of you are aware the past week has been spent traveling to the beautiful coast of California. In Kansas we hit an unexpected glitch when the interstate became a toll road with no warning and in order to get off anywhere apparently one had to pay. While this is probably a brilliant move for the state of Kansas, After all someone has to pay for all those devastating natural disasters, This was not our favorite idea and had we known, we would have avoided the state altogether. The good news is, Kansas made driving though Texas seem appealing...Chalk one up for the Lone Star State! On the other hand having already resigned to pay, We wound around and down into the midst of a small town called Newton. Where one sign on the incoming road said ,'local traffic only', as that sign was obviously not intended for us we pressed on and arrived at our lunch destination which was a fabulous little family owned establishment called Acapulco. In business for the past twenty years in this sleepy little town, they are a hidden treasure in the heart of Kansas. I know some of you are at this point rolling you eyes having been geared up to hear tales of Kansas barbecue and the like, but truly this was a perfect find. With delicious fresh salsa and a lunch buffet the was freshly cooked from scratch finding healthy options was a breeze. For $5.99 the same price you would pay for two tacos, you could get the buffet lunch which was filled with homemade re fried beans, fried and steamed tortillas, freshly chopped salad, hand rolled tamales filled with chunks of roasted beef, enchiladas, rice and taco fillings. steamed corn tortillas filled with re fried beans, salad, a sprinkling of fresh grated cheese all drowned in fresh spicy salsa was delicious, satisfying and not altogether an unhealthy choice. Others in our party had the enchiladas which got rave reviews and the tamale which I had to try was fresh tasting and delightful filled with flavorful chunks of slow roasted beef. Despite the rocky beginning to our relationship, Kansas had redeemed herself as we walked out of that restaurant with giant satisfied grins on our faces...until the speeding ticket, but that is another story altogether.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nur's Kitchen

During the past week I have been a bit remiss in delivering, straight to your screen, delicious options in take -out . So let us take a moment and flash back to Nur's Kitchen. Now that I can relax in the passengers seat and describe for you the delight that came with each bite of this meal I will. Nur's Kitchen is in Covington ,Louisiana.
In an old house ,set right off w. 21st street, culinary magic occurs at the finger tips of a delightful husband and wife team. Billed as Old World Mediterranean dishes, it is all that is fine in food. Healthy ingredients such as Spinach, artichoke hearts ,basil, olive oil, onions, black pepper and feta are stuffed generously into whole wheat or white tortillas ,wrapped and baked to create a perfect hand held pie. After tasting one of these glorious creations, one will have to display intense will power, as you may be tempted to consume thirteen of these a day. However, one will make a perfect and heart healthy lunch. At four dollars a piece these are a steal.

The navy bean salad and humus are perfect for dressing any self respecting whole grain pita. At four and six dollars each your pita can brag it's attire is a bargain.

Now ,to address the Pesto. I make this freesh sauce myself in large quantities when the garden 'runneth' over with basil and frankly , I thought I had the corner on the market as far as superior taste goes, but once again Nur's pulls through with a perfect pesto, good enough to make any one return repeatedly to supply their addiction for basil. ( yes I am a basil junkie! Six children later it could be worse, so don't judge.) Basil is known for it's healing properties and particularly for it's role as an anti-depressant. In other words Nur's pesto is bound to make you break out into song.

There is a variety of dishes to choose from, whether you crave an organic salad or Lamb sish Sandwich. You will not be disappointed. Side dishes are consistent with the health conscience theme and are as follows, A baked sweet potato, small house salad or Brown rice. daily specials are served with brown rice and a salad or whole wheat pita with a salad for $8.00. The only downside here is that you can only go in a pick-up these items Tuesday through Friday from 11:00-6:00. If you can't bear the thought of being three days with-out...They are at the Covington Farmers Market on Saturday morning. However, a word to the wise, get there early as by ten o'clock last Saturday they where sold out of pies and there were a number of people asking for them. Thank you to Nur's for being so friendly and I highly recommend that you find a boat ( totally possible in my neck of the woods), a car or any other mode of transportation and find your way to Nur's kitchen you will definitely thank me for this find!