Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The whino gets older!

I am just going to start with the apology right up front as I know one is definitely warranted. I have been absent and therefore silent for way to long. Some of you may not think that statement quite true...but, this blog is not for you anyway. I spent the past weekend with the wino celebrating her----th birthday. You didn't really think I would tell you her true age did you. Of course not, as that would reveal mine and due to the fact that I am older we will be having none of that. Needless to say we have had a wonderful time drawing out her distinguished day and stretching it to fit properly over an entire three days. Good news we where successful! We may be slightly sun burned and sandy ( We are in Southern California after all) and some of us may be ready for a good nap. ( Not me) Otherwise we are no worse for the wear. During this festive time we were able to spend much time laughing, sometime eating ( hardly a surprise there.) and the whole time enjoying ourselves. Since this is the first time in a year we have been together in person with our father and his lovely wife and our darling grandparents this was more than just a birthday celebration. Saturday night was spent completely immersed in the intimate fellowship that comes with a life time of memories and love. Also, being celebrated this weekend was the 65 th wedding anniversary of our dear grandparents. Truly this was a beautiful weekend that I personally will remember for a very long time to come. Thank you wino for getting older...someone had to do it and it just wasn't going to be me!

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